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Beers currently on tap

Everyday staples

These beers are all brewed in different styles, and available throughout the year. Not all beers below are on tap all the time, we rotate like the seasons!


5.0% abv

A smooth, light-bodied Ale with a subtle sweet corn flavor. Brewed with barley, corn, and hops. 5% Alc by Vol. 


5.0% abv

German-style wheat beer (Hefe-Weizen) brewed according to the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot). Light bodied, creamy mouthfeel with a subtle banana flavor derived from the Hefe yeast strain and brewing techniques we use. 5% Alc by Vol.


9.0% abv

Belgian Style Ale brewed with 4 different malts, Belgian Candi Sugar, and hops. Flavors so unique, it tastes like it was brewed inside the “Forbidden Monastery” 9% Alc by Vol.


5.5% abv

Our signature IPA brewed with Centennial hops.


4.5% abv

Named after the local Gudgeonville Bridge over Elk Creek. It was rumored to be haunted prior to the fateful fire. This beer is Dark like the bridge’s history, with a smooth roasted flavor. Hints of caramel and nuts.  

irish red ale

5.0% abv

This Irish style Red Ale is a balanced beer that uses a moderate amount of kilned malts and roasted barley.


5.0% abv

Our Hazy IPA brewed with 8 different hop varieties is “Out of this world”!  Brewed in tribute to the Lake City Bicentennial U.F.O. landing in 1976!

apple pie ale

5.0% abv

Curated from fresh cut apples, pure vanilla bean, and a touch of cinnamon.  Just like mom used to make. 

Grape Goddess

5.0% abv

Brewed with local farm concord grapes

Hand Crafted Seasonal Beers

These special beers are only available at those special times during the year. The ingredients are handpicked and processed with care. Strong attention to detail goes into every barrel we make. They are all made in limited quantities and very limited avaiablity. *Please Note: Not all these beers may be on tap depending on the season.

mr. nelson ipa

5.5% abv

India Pale Ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops imparting a white wine grape flavor.

wicked sleigh ride

13% abv

Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale brewed with honey.

chocolate covered strawberry ale

5.0% abv

Chocolate covered strawberry ale is a red ale brewed with barley, strawberries, chocolate and aged with cocoa nibs.

gingerbread man

5% abv

Brown Ale brewed with gingerbread spices.

smores stout

9% abv

Dark Nitro

4.5% abv

Dark Robust Stout, brewed with large amount of roasted malts to give a strong flavor, served on nitro.

Angry Leprechaun

10% abv

Irish Style Stout aged in wood spirals.

Banana Wheat Beer

5% abv

Hefeweizen style wheat beer bursting with banana flavor.

Orange Cream Milkshake IPA

5% ABV

Orange Cream Milkshake IPA brewed with fresh oranges, vanilla bean, and milk sugar.

blackberry sour ale

5% abv

Sour ale brewed with fresh blackberries


5% abv

Seasonal Marzen style lager

wet hops

5.5% ABV

Seasonal Pale Ale

pumpkin smasher ale

7% abv

Ale brewed with real pumpkins and spices

dark lord

5% abv

Imperial stout brewed with charred roasted pumpkins and spices

niagara grape goddess ale

5% abv

Ale brewed with real niagara grapes

Coconut Winter White Ale

5% abv

Ale brewed with real coconut

Hand Crafted Seltzers

Honey Tea Seltzer

These special seltzers are only available on a rotational basis. We are always rotating one tap with different flavors! Be sure to give it taste!

Mixed Drinks & Cocktails

We also offer mixed drinks such as a Traditional Moscow Mule, Apple Pie Mule, and Bourbon Mules. Other mixed drinks upon request (limited options).

Frozen Adult Slushes!

Perhaps you are not into custom beers and seltzers? We thought of you as well! Frozen adult slushes made with ultra smooth Real Nutz Vodka!. We are always rotating flavors, stop in and chill out!