our pride

Our Pride, Dedication, and Persistence for the perfect beer...

Great beer starts with pure water. Our water goes through multiple filtration stages, sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis, and UV light which strips the water down to as pure as we can. We then have to add back minerals to the water and create different water profiles depending on the style of beer we want to brew. This adds to a stable and reproducible beer for the discerning beer lover.

We have a fairly small 5bbl brewhouse which makes approx 10 kegs of beer per batch and a 1bbl pilot system that allows us to experiment and create new recipes, seasonal and experimental batches that will be limited release beers. Our brewhouse was planned out very well and had custom features added to our system that allows us to make certain types of beer like our Nuce-N-Weizen that requires a HERMS coil in our HLT to perform a step mash. We also added features to our BK for our seasonal fruit beers that use real fruit. These are some examples of advantages of brewing on a small batch system that is very difficult to perform on very large systems. 

We are extremely proud of our fruit beers and are willing to put A LOT of work and effort into providing them to our guests. Most fruit is harvested by hand, peeled, cut, chopped, and pitted before it is ready to use for beer. This takes a lot of hours and planning. This is why it is so difficult and expensive to make. We try our best to source our fruit locally because we believe in supporting local and want our fruit as fresh as possible. 

We hope you will pay us a visit very soon!

Brad & Michelle Nuce

The Founders Club Pride

The Founders Club is a little inside joke about a group of close friends that saw the vision of Brad & Michelle. The birth of the Twisted Elk, the “club” was lovingly named by Michelle and is a testament to good friends. 

Each one of us that has helped in the building of the Twisted Elk did so out a love for the Nuce’s as well as their great beer. I hope you all have a chance to pay them a visit and see what friendship, a great vision, and an amazing beer can accomplish. 

A shout out to Keith, Mike, Shawn, Steph, and of course Brad’s Dad…

Proud to know you all.

Founder in good standing – (for today at least, also the T.E.B. site Admin so I can add this kind of stuff. 🙂


– Brian Chase